Composition: Galvanized steel – DX51DZ275 – galvanization thickness from 16 to 22 μ
Also available in raw steel without galvanization.


– 4mm or 5mm thickness for heavy duty work
– Long lasting edges
– To be sealed in concrete or anchored into the ground
– Ideal for the separation of two hard surfaces
– Easy to install
– 1 double coupler and 2 anchoring pegs supplied with each edge
– Optional accessories: single couplers and anchoring pegs customizable between 0 and 2 per each


*Raw Steel edging available in 5mm
Galvanised Steel edging available in 4mm
Corten Steen edging available in 3mm and by 3 lm sections.

Uses for PLANTCOPROTEC® BorderStyle Steel HD

Ideal for the separation of hard surfaces :
– Tarmac
– Disactivated concreate
– Slabs / paving
– Stabilized sand

Optional accessories :

accessoire bordure hdSingle coupler
Up to 2 per. each 2.30lm length

Anchoring pegs
Material : Steel
Dimensions : 600 x 80 x 100 mm – Diam 10 mm

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PLANTCOPROTEC® BorderStyle Steel L, is a high resistant Galvanised steel edging. Available in a selection of epoxy paint finishes or as natural Galvanised steel. Flexible and resistant, the PLANTCOPROTEC® BorderStyle Steel L is ideal for separating and creating green areas or landscaping. Quick and easy to install, this edging gives a perfect finish to your creations and limits the maintenance.    


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